Daily Inspirations (6-27 – 7-1)

July 3rd, 2011

Here are last week’s Daily Inspirations!

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This seemed appropriate for a Monday morning! (via http://bit.ly/jQbeLo)

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I think this is quite fitting after NY’s recent news! (via http://bit.ly/k5kRJv)

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Do epic shit! Helvetica Neue = BEAUTIFUL!(via http://bit.ly/k7Yocp) This has been one of my favorite posts all year, and quite timely for the weeks ending events!

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I think it is my new goal to make everything I do “AMAZING”! I mean, whats the point if it isn’t amazing?! (via http://bit.ly/iOEjmA)

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This was REALLY appropriate for Friday’s Daily Inspiration, but I forgot… (via http://bit.ly/j7VJFj)

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Daily Inspirations (6-20 – 6-24)

June 29th, 2011

One of my New Year’s resolutions for this year was to find daily inspirations for every working day of the year! I probably should have started posting them on here at the beginning, but its better late than never! I’m going to try to summarize each week on here, which might be too lofty of a goal right now, but it is a goal no less!

So, lets start with last week!

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What a happy yellow color! (via http://bit.ly/mcbftW)

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That old Albert Einstein was kinda smart! Love this graphic! (via http://bit.ly/lXN31S)

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This is just plain fun and colorful! (via http://bit.ly/lbVIjF)

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I love this typography! (via http://bit.ly/lAOM0W)

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Hook, Line and Sinker! Love the simplicity of color and icon! (via http://bit.ly/iPUAwB)

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My Sketchbook has been Received!

February 21st, 2011

sketchbook page 22 - Dirigibles and Submersibles

I received notification the other day that the Art House Co-op had officially received my sketchbook! I can not wait to venture to one of the tour locations to see all of the sketchbooks!

My official Art House Co-op Sketchbook page is here.

I can’t wait to join this project again next year, but in the meantime, I purchased a set of Moleskine sketchbooks so that I can continue this creative thinking process! I’ll plan on keeping this updated on that progress.

I hope to have a post in the next couple of days about Kansas City Design Week 2011. I felt very creatively charged and excited about Kansas city after attending these events!

The Final Sketchbook Pages

February 16th, 2011

Ok, it took me long enough to get these posted!

sketchbook page 16 - Dirigibles and Submersibles

I had this interesting idea that if something can fall from the sky, it can become a dirigible by default. So, why not attach hot air to raindrops! I wanted to play around with typography as well, so I added some hand type at the top of the page, but it was not as successful as I had hoped. Colored pencil did NOT like that textured paper!

sketchbook page 18 - Dirigibles and Submersibles

This might be one of my favorite pages in the book! I am slowly falling in love with what simple line work can create. I have always had a soft spot for whiplash lines and graceful line, but I love what this can do when it is combined with type! I also just wanted to see how many shapes of hot air balloons I could come up with!

sketchbook page 19 - Dirigibles and Submersibles

Ok, this is the page that I didn’t get to finish before the sketchbook was due. I had this owl lying around in hopes that I could use it at some point, and I didn’t want this lovely textured page to go to waste, so there you have it. Its boring, but you do what you can do! :)

sketchbook page 20 - Dirigibles and Submersibles

I had all sorts of old paper sample books with very fun colored paper, from metallics to vellums. I thought it would be interesting to play with the idea of raindrops turning into dirigibles again. These colors are much more vivid in real life.

sketchbook page 21 - Dirigibles and Submersibles

I was looking though my old Communication Arts illustration annuals and came across the idea of creating positive space with various patterns. I went back to the 90′s and used my metallic gel pens (that actually still work) to make some interesting patterns. I would have liked to fill the space more, but I did what I could!

sketchbook page 22 - Dirigibles and Submersibles

And here are the final pages! Part of the reason I decided to explore the cut paper window idea is because I wasn’t going to have time to finish the whole sketchbook, and I really wanted to. The other part of the reason is that I had been thinking about this idea throughout the whole book. I’m very happy with how this turned out! It did take a LOT of time to watercolor each page with progressive color changes, but the textures that it created were beautiful!

Drowning in Submersibles

January 5th, 2011

Time’s running out, but I’m bound and determined to get this thing done, and done well! I do tend to work much better when a deadline is approaching, so we’ll see how the second half of the book goes! (yeah, second half… I’ve got a LOT to do before January 15th!)

sketchbook page 12

This serene setting is inspired by one of Kansas City’s local fine artists, Rich Bowman. I’ve been memorized by his use of color since the first time I set eyes on his work! Look him up! His rendition of serene scenes are much more effective!

sketchbook page 13

Ok, this might be my favorite page (along with the red bird page)! I think these whales are SUPER cute! I cut these little guys out of Yupo paper and adhered them to my layered painted surface. This page was intended to have a gloss finish, but the pages kept sticking together, much to my dismay, so I had to put a thin layer of clear gesso on the surface. No more shiny = sad day.

sketchbook page 14

This is the page that kept me stuck for days. I’m still not happy with it, but the whole idea is that a dirigible looks just like a submersible, only upside down. I might go back and finish it, but more than likely I’ll leave it as is.

sketchbook page 15

I decided there needed to be some white space amid the sea of color-filled pages. This is Litho Crayon with colored pencil on the right, and Litho Crayon and ink on the left. Had to go back in with the left page because the black was transferring over against my wishes.

sketchbook page 17

Ok, he’s pretty cute too. Is he a submersible? I think so! Layers of pastel, watercolor, colored pencil, and more pastel on this page. It smells of wonderful acrylic fixative, and so did the house after I finished!

Figurativly Speaking: first 2010 installment

November 30th, 2010

Here is a first peak at some new figure work from 2010. I’ve got about two more groups this large to add in the next week hopefully. May the editing begin! PS, you can visit my Figure Drawing page for a complete grouping of work!

Long Overdue!

November 30th, 2010

I’m just posting images tonight (that I was going to post a week ago). I’ll probably update this post at some point with explanations, but I think the second image and the bottom image are my favorites! : )

sketchbook page 8
sketchbook page 9
sketchbook page 10
sketchbook page 11

Dismal Delight

November 3rd, 2010

First of all, I have this affinity for alliteration. I find these three spreads somewhat dark and gloomy, yet curious and happy at the same time, hence the title to this post!

sketchbook page 5

Layer 1: clear white gesso.
Layer 2: water color.
Layer 3: colored pencil.
Layer 4: pen and ink.
Layer 5: iridescent pearl acrylic
So, there are lots of layers! A few experiments included adding texture to the white gesso while it was wet, like the swirl pattern added by the end of the paintbrush, and the blotting texture added by accidently letting the pages close before they were dry… In the words of Bob Ross, “A Happy Accident”. I also tried applying highly pigmented watercolor onto the gesso and wiping it down on the ridges of the blotted texture, but it didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped. The goal was to have all of the color reside in the valley’s of the surface. I also need to add that I borrowed the black figures from a series of small paintings I purchased 4 years ago by Chad Mount. I purchased the paintings as a congratulations to myself for landing my first job!

sketchbook page 6

For now, this is a placeholder. I have three additional clouds to add to this page once my sketchbook is complete. I need to wait, however, so that the texture doesn’t affect future pages. I am quite pleased with the intensity of the color in the background of this spread, achieved with acrylic pigment mixed with clear gesso (my favorite) and light watercolor washes. I wanted to do something on this page that would rival and complement the color. I had the idea of having these cartoon, water colored clouds appear as if they were hanging from some sort of beam, like you might imagine in a stage set. I don’t think I will add anything else.

sketchbook page 7

Ok, only clear gesso mixed with blue acrylic, watercolor wash, and colored pencil were used on this spread. I know, I’m slacking! I am in love with the water surface! I tried to carry that liney appearance into the bubbles and seaweed, but I don’t think it was nearly as successful. I also really like how the fish turned out, though I wish the colors popped a bit more. The watercolor layer under the colored pencil looked great before it dried. I think I’m struggling the most with the lack of clarity that I am achieving with the colored pencils. Crisp line quality is one of my main goals for anything that I output and I’m just not able to make that happen with the medium.

I guess this whole process is about trial and error! I’m learning to let the mediums guide me as to what they can and can’t do and I’m evolving my processes accordingly. I’m definitely in search of a highly pigmented medium that I can get detailed with, yet blend as easily as colored pencil. Suggestions?

I’m also realizing that I only have 7 spreads finished…. and 33 to go…. I need to get crackin’ if I want to have this finished by January 15th!

Head in the Clouds

October 26th, 2010

Well, I actually worked on my sketchbook for quite a few hours last Friday! YJ’s provided a great studio! I thought I’d add a sneak preview of the next few pages.

sketchbook page 5 preview

I think I’m finished with these pages. I’m pretty sure there are at least 5 layers of media on there! I’ll go into detail of my process on the next post.

sketchbook page 6 preview

I started rubber cementing these cutout clouds before realizing that it might not be a good idea considering they will cause the next pages to be a bit bumpy, so I stopped. I suppose this page will be to be continued. I probably plan on doing a little something more with them, just not sure yet.

sketchbook page 7 preview

I think this page is beginning to be one of my favorites! I am very much enjoying the water surface and the color progression in the bubbles and fish, though I’m trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the page. Probably another fish. Fish are submersibles, right?

Also, on a sad note, figure drawing is cancelled for the next 3 weeks… I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself! Perhaps I’ll use the time to start photographing the rest of my figure work and get it up on flickr!

Dirigibles and Submersibles

October 21st, 2010

Here are my first few pages of my sketchbook:

sketchbook page 1

This seemed to be a good way to start off, with a title page. I completed this page with Prismacolor Colored Pencils and watercolor. Mixed media is one of my passions! I love to see what I can do with several different mediums, and how they will react with one another! One of my main goals for this book is to continue to express myself through color. I LOVE it, LOTS of it!

sketchbook page 2

I gessoed this page prior to applying any medium, then I added watercolor for the blue background. I used anything I could think of to motivate texture, from water splatters to salt, and even rubbing alcohol. I drew in the tentacles and bubbles and proceeded to apply colored pencil to the bubbles. I wanted the tentacles to have a bit more pop, so I added some clear gesso (great for adding tooth to a surface) to some acrylic paint and applied that first, followed by colored pencil for detail. Overall, I’m pleased with the outcome!

sketchbook page 3

Birds are dirigibles, right? As you may know, I have a small obsession with birds, and this is probably not the last you will see of them in this sketchbook! On this page I gessoed the pages with clear gesso, followed by a texturized layer of watercolor. I used india ink for the black areas. I then painted the larger birds with an incandescent acrylic overlay. I wanted this portion of the page to stand out, like areas of a pages stand out when a spot varnish is applied. To solve this challenge I created a stencil and sprayed a high gloss clear coat several times on the bird areas. It wasn’t standing out like I had hoped, so I found some old gel pens and did some outlining. I may end up updating this page, but for now I’ve got plenty of other pages to tend to!

sketchbook page 4

This is by far my favorite page! To begin, I applied a coat of blue paint mixed with clear gesso, for the great tooth. I added some blurry blades of grass in acrylic while the background was still wet. I then went in with colored pencil to complete the page. I am very pleased with how the color has formed the shapes of the balloons as well as the blades of grass. Overall, I am pleased with this technique and plan on proceeding on some of the other pages with it!

You can also see a complete library of my sketchbook pages here.